Scholarship FAQs

Who is eligible to apply?

Eligibility criteria are listed with each scholarship in the scholarship description. Thoroughly read each scholarship’s eligibility criteria.

Are only graduating high school seniors eligible?

Most of the current scholarships are for graduating high school seniors only. However, the Judge Robert T. Pfeuffer Civic Leadership Scholarship is open to both current students at Texas A&M University and graduating high school seniors who will be attending Texas A&M University.

Do you have scholarships for vocational schools?

Yes. The Logan’s Legacy Memorial Scholarship, New Braunfels Area Car Club, NBCLAR and several others provide support to students who will be attending vocational schools.

How do I apply?

Apply online. Review the Eligibility Criteria for each scholarship. Make sure you have all the necessary documents ready (transcripts, etc.). These documents must be scanned and uploaded with your submission. Online applications will become available in January 2020.

Some scholarships also require Reference Contact information. After supplying contact information for a Reference, questions will be sent directly to references via email.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

Yes. To determine which applications you should complete, refer to the specific Eligibility Criteria of each scholarship and complete an online application.

If I am applying for multiple scholarships, do I have to submit separate required attachments for each program?

Some, but not all, scholarships share a Common Application. Depending on which scholarships you submit an application to, you will only need to fill out preliminary information one time.

What financial documentation is required for those scholarships for which financial need is a consideration?

The Gonzalez Family Scholarship requires a copy of the FAFSA. Other scholarships require that you answer a few questions regarding financial need.

How are the scholarship applications evaluated?

Scholarship awards are decided by scholarship committees, comprised of volunteers in the community who have education or evaluator/reviewer backgrounds.

May I receive a scholarship from more than one fund?

Yes. Students sometimes receive scholarships from more than one scholarship fund.

NOTE: Students applying to the GVTC Foundation Scholarships may apply to both scholarships, but both scholarships will not be awarded to the same individual.

What happens to my application if I am missing a Required Attachment?

Incomplete applications will not be sent to selection committees. We typically send an email, noting any missing documents, a week or two before the deadline to the email address you provided. Please call our office days and weeks BEFORE the deadline if you have any questions about the documents you need to attach.

We are not responsible for misdirected mail or emails that did not arrive. It is your responsibility to check your application in advance of the deadline to ensure it is complete and all required documents are included. You must click “Submit” to finalize your application.

When will I be notified?

Scholarship awards are announced by mid-April.

How are scholarships paid?

Scholarship awards are sent directly to the college, university, vocational or trade school along with student name and student identification number. Payments are sent to schools after NBCF receives Verification of Enrollment from scholarship recipients.

If I receive a scholarship, does my school automatically receive a payment installment the following semester or year?

No. It is your responsibility to contact the New Braunfels Community Foundation, if you plan to re-enroll the following semester or year. A copy of your Verification of Enrollment is required before the next payment installment can be submitted to your school. In addition, some scholarships require a copy of your GPA. This information may be submitted via email directly to

If I want to submit a thank you note, where do I send it?

Address a thank you note to the name of the scholarship you received, and mail it to:

New Braunfels Community Foundation
801 W. San Antonio St.
New Braunfels, Texas 78130

More Questions? Contact Betty Taylor at (830) 606-9597 or