The Madeleine Hindman Memorial Fund has been established to help children have the opportunity to Dance, Work or Play while developing the heart, soul and mind.Madeleine-Hindman

Madeleine Camille Hindman died July 7, 2012 after a brain aneurism ruptured just hours before. She was a beautiful, vibrant, intelligent 13-year-old who loved Jesus more than anything in the world. She is missed constantly, and this fund has been established by her parents, Michael and Raquel Hindman, to honor her life and help others.

Madeleine loved to dance, especially ballet, and she loved to see others dance. To honor her memory, this fund hopes to give children the chance to dance when they otherwise could not. Madeleine was not afraid of work. She studied hard, practiced often & was very diligent. If this fund can help a child have an opportunity to work, learn or have a unique experience, we want it to do just that. Madeleine was a joyful girl who loved to play. As a little girl, Madeleine spent hours playing with dolls. As she grew older, Madeleine loved playing the piano, playing at summer camp & playing a part on stage. The Madeleine Hindman Memorial Fund aims to help children be a part of healthy play.

Thank you for remembering Madeleine and supporting this fund as we work to give children of New Braunfels a new chance to Dance, Work or Play while developing the heart, soul, and mind.

Humanitarian qualities: outgoing, helpful, welcoming, compassionate, kindhearted, generous, encouraging, optimistic, patriotic, dedicated, supportive, non-judgmental.