The Logan’s Legacy Memorial Fund was established by the family and friends of Logan Nash Davidson in 2014 to assist graduates of Canyon High School who are pursuing secondary education opportunities such as trade schools, specialty schools, junior college, law enforcement, and the military.
Applicants will be evaluated based on, but not limited to:

Humanitarian qualities: outgoing, helpful, welcoming, compassionate, kindhearted, generous, encouraging, optimistic, patriotic, dedicated, supportive, non-judgmental.
Well-rounded personality with involvement in many social and civic activities.

Exhibits a positive outlook and an exuberance for life.

Involvement in sports or ROTC, while not a requirement, shall be considered.

Logan was a vibrant, happy, outgoing, optimistic young man who was rarely seen without a smile on his face. Logan died on November 13, 2013 following an assault at school. Logan dreamed of serving his country and joining the U.S. Military. He was a proud student of Canyon High School and active in FCA, football and baseball. Logan’s family and friends hope that the establishment and growth of this fund will not only celebrate Logan’s life, but will also benefit graduates of Canyon High School with passions and ambitions similar to those held by Logan.

If you would like more information on how to give to Logan’s Legacy Memorial Fund or to apply for a grant from the fund, please contact the foundation offices.