About NB Next


A giving circle of individuals who combine their gifts to support charitable causes

About NB Next

Emerging leaders in the Comal County area came together in October of 2015 to create NB Next with the New Braunfels Community Foundation. By creating a legacy of giving, the club is an extension of NBCF’s mission to connect people who care with causes that matter for the enduring benefit of our community.

While not unique to community foundations, this club is unique to our area and provides tremendous opportunities for securing and growing the next generation of leaders with a charitable spirit in our area.

How it works:
Through an endowment fund with NBCF, NB Next provides a way for emerging community leaders to pool their resources with others and put their philanthropic dreams into action.

With an annual tax-deductible membership donation, possible fundraising events, and opportunities for sponsorship, members create a pool of funds to be used to help realize those dreams. Each year, a percentage of the pooled funds will be used to make grants to the community, and the rest will go into an endowment fund. The endowment will then be used to enhance the amount given away in the following years.

Members are involved in accepting, evaluating, and awarding grants. Each member has a vote in how the grants are awarded.

Membership Benefits:

  • Pooled funds make a greater impact than one person’s donation
  • Active involvement in how the money is being granted
  • Introduction and interaction with nonprofit executives and other board members
  • Increased awareness about nonprofit organizations and opportunities
  • Opportunities to take part in leadership training and serve on boards of local nonprofits