Lifeguards: a fund for rescuing teens

Thank you, Donors, for supporting Lifeguards: a fund for rescuing teens during Big Give Comal County on March 28.

Drowning people can and need to be saved. Thankfully, there are highly-trained people who do just that. Lifeguards watch and wait. They are always alert. They are constantly searching for someone who might be struggling. When they see someone in need, they throw everything aside and go to them, meet them where they are, and bring them to safety. This is what the lifeguards who make up the fund – the patrons and nonprofit organizations – do for a teen struggling with life’s challenges.

“Life” – This word means so much. Life should be filled with positive experiences. It is a gift. It is something humans are meant to share with each other. Unfortunately, many teens do not have a good life, for many reasons, and may consider returning the gift. This fund seeks to change that.

“guards” – These are the people who swim out to a drowning teen to save them. They are the fund patrons whose gifts ensure that vital programs continue to be offered. They are also the area nonprofit organizations who seek out struggling teens and change their lives.

Listen to Mary Jane Nalley’s interview with KGNB Radio and learn more about Lifeguards HERE.

Part II of KGNB Radio interview.

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