Headwaters at the Comal – Phase I

NBUHeadwaters at the Comal – Phase I is a New Braunfels Utilities redevelopment project that will restore the 16 acres of the NBU Klingemann Warehouse property at the headwaters of the Comal Springs to its natural environment. The vision for the Center is to be a place that establishes a relationship between the community and the environment by demonstrating the regeneration and protection of water and ecological resources.

The ecological restoration will include removing 85 percent of the impervious cover currently on the property; upcapping and restoring the spring; restoring the natural riparian habitats for numerous endangered and threatened species; and removing invasive species and restoring native plant communities.

The site was used by NBU as a warehouse, fleet and facilities yard, office and inventory storage up until 2004. In keeping with a longstanding commitment to the environment and to the community, NBU plans to restore and develop the site into a multi-use facility which enhances the community’s relationship with nature. The development will be a teaching tool which honors the cultural and environmental history of the site and area while encouraging future stewardship of the environment, water and community.

The project will include demonstration areas for commercial and residential conservation techniques and technologies; a courtyard that demonstrates Low Impact Development principles with drought-tolerant plants, sustainable water features and terracing; and an 8,000 sq. foot “Living Building” which will incorporate adaptive reuse of existing structures and native plant trellises as the building’s exterior walls. The Living Building also will highlight natural and man-made water treatment systems, including a rainwater capture and reuse feature, and a wetlands demonstration area. Project designs also include an outdoor classroom and multi-purpose building available for community use.

Headwaters at the comal