AniMeals & More Program

Ken and his dog Sweetie

Program provides for wellbeing of clients and their pet companions

“These cats keep me going because I know I need to wake up every morning and get moving and feed them. Thank you for helping me do it.” – Susan

It is a wonderful feeling to be needed.

A program with Comal County Senior Citizens Foundation is meeting the needs of local senior residents, while at the same time helping them provide for their pet companions.

The AniMeals & More Program provides monthly pet food delivery and veterinary care, based on available funds, to Meals on Wheels recipients who qualify for the program. The program began in January 2019 after a CCSCF survey of Meals on Wheels clients revealed that at least half of the clients were feeding their pets “people food.” As a result, neither the owner nor the pet was receiving proper nutrition.

For many of the clients, their pets are considered family members. The CCSCF partners with local veterinary clinics for discounted rates on pet care and spay/neutering. Pet food delivery and veterinary transport of pets is done by screened Meals on Wheels volunteers. Veterinary care needs are discussed with the client and evaluated by two volunteers with more than 35 years of combined pet rescue and/or veterinary care experience.

By providing these services, AniMeals & More is helping clients keep their companion dog or cat in their homes and reducing pet overpopulation and health concerns from unvaccinated domestic animals.

In addition, the program aims to contribute to the overall benefits of owning a pet. Those potential benefits can include reduced stress, lower blood pressure and increased social interaction and physical activity.

Clients in the program have also indicated that their pets help them combat depression and feelings of loneliness.

“My cat is my baby. She loves the food you bring her. Bless you.”- Tina

The overall goal of the program is to keep companion animals healthy, resulting in improved mental and physical wellbeing and an enhanced quality of life for the homebound elderly in our community.

To learn more about AniMeals & More, or to serve as a volunteer with the Meals on Wheels program, contact the Comal County Senior Citizens Foundation at (830) 629-4547 or visit

Donations to the Clay Townsend Memorial Pet Fund with New Braunfels Community Foundation support pet care for the elderly. To learn more or to donate, visit or call (830) 606-9536.